Professionally Creating the Best Batting Gloves

PGX Gloves is a leading baseball batting glove company that is proud to offer premium-quality protective batting gloves that are made from fine pitted leather. Our baseball batting gloves provide superior grip and slip control, and are purposefully developed to be durable for the everyday professional player and the amateur player alike. We even offer youth baseball batting gloves without compromise of quality leather! No matter which type of baseball player you are, PGX Gloves is your one-stop-shop for all of your custom batting glove needs. We have a wide selection of designs and styles to choose from, including our Signature Series, our International Series or display your team’s logo on custom batting gloves. When you choose PGX’s custom batting gloves, the possibilities are endless!

Unrivaled Quality and Performance

It’s time your opponents FEAR THE GEAR. Just like the king of the jungle, our goal is to help you feel confident and dominant when you step between those white lines because you know you have the highest-quality baseball batting gloves available. After years of churning through batting gloves ripping, tearing and fading over the course of a professional baseball season, we set out to design and create premium batting gloves that would last. And unlike other brands, we don’t offer different batting gloves for professionals and amateurs. With PGX Gloves, you get the same exceptional quality — no matter your level.

All of our custom batting gloves are made with premium European leather, increasing their durability for daily use, and moisture-wicking Lycra backing for a soft, flexible feel — even on the hottest days. All the straps are double-stitched to ensure hundreds of uses without tearing or pulling. Our batting gloves provide superior grip and slip control, supplying you complete control and confidence in the box. All of our gloves are designed and tested by professional baseball players, backed by decades of playing experience. Because of this experience, we incorporated elements that pros demand from their batting gloves and couldn’t find in other brands.

Unique Designs For Ultimate Swag

While performance and quality are always our No. 1 priorities, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun or add an element of swag to your game. We offer a wide variety of different designs and styles, including customizable batting gloves, which allow you to add your name, number or team logo. When you dig in and stare out to the pitcher, he’s going to fear the primal nature with which you attack the game.