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The Best Batting Gloves Made For A Special Cause

According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, each year there are an estimated 15,780 children diagnosed with cancer in the United States. That’s one in every 285 children in the U.S. who will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday. Cancer remains one of the most common causes of death by disease for American children.

Primal Baseball aims to advance the cause of pediatric cancer research and childhood cancer awareness so that one day fewer families have to suffer through this extremely difficult fight as we seek a cure. In order to achieve this, we’ve created a collection of childhood cancer awareness custom batting gloves and pledge to donate $5 of every pair sold to Lighthouse For Hope, a charitable non-profit organization that supports families with a child battling cancer.

We firmly believe that it shouldn’t take pediatric cancer awareness month to bring this terrible struggle so many American families face to the forefront. By purchasing one of our childhood cancer awareness custom batting gloves, you not only gain the unique design, style and unrivaled performance of Primal Baseball, but are actively making a difference in the lives of your neighbors, whether you know them or not.

It may not seem like a lot to you, however, every little bit goes a long way and helps affect change in the lives of those fighting something no family should ever have to. Next time you step into the box, dig in knowing you’ve made a difference and together let’s knock pediatric cancer out of the park.

About Lighthouse For Hope

Lighthouse For Hope is a non-profit organization that provides support to families battling pediatric cancer. This fight against childhood cancer is often financially costly to families, not to mention the physical and emotional toll it takes. Lighthouse For Hope seeks to alleviate some of those financial stresses by providing assistance for day-to-day expenses such as groceries, clothing, gas cards and other necessities. By supporting Lighthouse For Hope, you are helping families who have a child with cancer.

While Primal Baseball is proud to assist their cause by donating $5 of every custom baseball gloves we sell, the fight against pediatric cancer and struggle for childhood cancer awareness can always use more help. If you’d like to donate more or learn other ways in which you might be able to support Lighthouse’s cause, contact them today. We all greatly appreciate your support and kindness!

The Best Batting Gloves Out There

It’s time your opponents FEAR THE GEAR. Just like the king of the jungle, our goal is to help you feel confident and dominant when you step between those white lines because you know you have the highest-quality baseball batting gloves available. After years of churning through batting gloves ripping, tearing and fading over the course of a professional baseball season, we set out to design and create premium batting gloves that would last. And unlike other brands, we don’t offer different batting gloves for professionals and amateurs. With Primal Baseball, you get the same exceptional quality — no matter your level.

All of our custom batting gloves are made with premium European leather, increasing their durability for daily use, and moisture-wicking Lycra backing for a soft, flexible feel — even on the hottest days. All the straps are double-stitched to ensure hundreds of uses without tearing or pulling. Our batting gloves provide superior grip and slip control, supplying you complete control and confidence in the box. All of our gloves are designed and tested by professional baseball players, backed by decades of playing experience. Because of this experience, we incorporated elements that pros demand from their batting gloves and couldn’t find in other brands.