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Signature Golf Glove (Navy & Gold)

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SIGNATURE GOLF GLOVE: The signature golf gloves it for both functional and fashionable. Our signature golf glove is unmatched thanks to treatment with specialized tanning technology. This glove feels like a second skin and provides an unmatchable grip. The leather glove is extremely flexible due to the close stitch, making them the ideal performance glove.

UNIQUE DESIGN: The golf glove is strategically designed and developed for better flexibility and breathability. After trying this golf glove, you won’t try another. Made from leather with unique designs, this glove is stylish and comfortable. Their thoughtful creation allows for the ultimate control on the golf course and they are enjoyed by men and women golfers alike!

SOFT FEEL & FULL CONTROL: The highest quality leather golf glove material for providing enhanced grip, mobility, and durability in all weather conditions. With a soft feel and full control, your improved golf glove grip will improve your confidence. Our signature golf glove palm is made of soft leather that grips comfortably.

PERFECT FIT GLOVE: Signature Golf Glove fits your hand perfectly leaving no loose skin at the end of the fingers or palm. It feels just like a second skin to the hand which delivers a masterful performance. This golf glove is made of ultra-thin, soft leather, and is comfortable. The leather golf glove provides a custom fit that can be tightened specifically for your hand.

EASY MOVEMENT: With this stylish golf glove, you can move uninhibited and feel good doing it. Play a great game and wear a great accessory while you’re at it. Our golf glove is made with breathable stretch for maximum comfort and ease of movement. Look good, play well, and feel the quality every time you wear this glove!



PGX Signature Golf Glove Comfortable Grip for Golfing & Sports (Navy & Gold) The gloves are leather and can easily hold the golf grip. Putting on your gloves can also be a flexible activity without any discomfort. It will fit your hand very well, and the soft gloves will make you enjoy golf more. This Golf Glove feels cooler, more comfortable, and more relaxed while playing the shot. The sweat gloves with one that keeps your hands constantly cold. The specially designed and finger-flexible movements and high-elastic for the back of the hand. This creative design makes wearing it feels soft and comfortable. These gloves are non-slip and breathable, and they feel very comfortable when worn. Our glove features top-quality materials, experienced design, and stylish signature prints you can only get with the glove. The elasticity is very strong, and the hands can still move freely after wearing. It allows you to complete the swing and push the ball perfectly. The sports glove is made of leather. It gives it a certain amount of flexibility around the finger joints. Play a great game and wear a great accessory while you're at it. The thin leather material allows you to move your hand naturally.

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  • Texas College: Steers
  • Elmira College: Eagles
  • Whittier College: Poets
  • Williams College: Navy Cows
  • Houghton College: Highlanders
  • University of Montevallo: Falcons
  • Defiance College: Yellow Jackets
  • James Madison University: Dukes
  • University of East Carolina: Pirates
  • University of Northern Iowa: Panthers
  • Prairie View A&M University: Panthers
  • University of Northern Alabama: Lions
  • San Francisco State University: Gator
  • University of Western Carolina: Catamounts

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