Neon Volt "Claw Marks" Baseball Batting Gloves - PRIMAL BASEBALL

Neon Volt "Claw Marks" Baseball Batting Gloves

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Compliment your game sporting batting gloves that look as unique as your playing style and intimidate your opponents with flare while you’re at it!

  • Built with lycra spandex backing for a soft and comfortable feel
  • Palms are made with pitted leather for superior grip and durability
  • Unique, original pattern and design to add confidence to your game

Look good, feel good play good. You know the saying has stuck around because it’s true. Don’t be like everybody else. Step into the box and dig in with swagger wearing PGX’s limited edition series of baseball batting gloves! The “Scratch Marks” batting gloves are fun way to intimidate the pitcher, while receiving the on-field benefits of comfortable, expertly-made batting gloves. Shop our limited edition series of batting gloves today and be the envy of everyone by your next game!

  • Pitted leather palms
  • Lycra spandex backing
  • Small through extra large sizes available